Beauty Portraiture

 Left: My beautiful Mom, "Dolores".                                                              Right: Mom, and my always cool and inspiring,

                                                                                                                                     older sister "Nan".  circa 1954

My Perspective:

 I don't know why at an early age ( kindergarten ),  I was in tune with feminine beauty, fashion and style.

Maybe it was because I was raised around more girls than boys; my older sister and cousins, and later, three step sisters.

Not to mention my Mom, who looked between an Audrey Hepburn and a young Mary Tyler Moore.

Many young boys aren't attracted, or even interested in the female gender, until after puberty begins it's Cro-Magnon transformation.

By that time, they seem to have no choice in the matter.

Even then, most males still have little sense of beauty, style and fashion!

Let's be honest. Only a few of us men enjoy going shopping with our wives, for shoes and clothing.

Well before I even approached pre-adolescence, I was aware of the vibe of feminine allure and charm.

Most of the boys would respond, "Eeww! Girls!" But I understood, if you're at a party, and there's no girls, it's not a party! Move on.


Why am I telling you about this stuff?

Feeling comfortable around your photographer and surroundings, is a huge part of getting great results! 

I motivate and capture the beauty you may normally subdue in everyday life situations.

Because as we know, a great portrait is appreciated by both the Male and Female eye. 


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