Beauty Portraiture

 Left: My beautiful Mom, "Dolores".                                                              Right: Mom, and my always cool and inspiring,

                                                                                                                                     older sister "Nan".  circa 1954

My Perspective:

 I was inspired early on, by observing my mother's ever evolving art, which was displayed in our living room.

She painted a fantasy depiction of a beautiful woman, who's appearance was ever-changing.

First, as an Egyptian queen, then slowly morphing into a Chinese Empress.

This painting was part of the family, and quietly made it's impression on me.

Later in life, I naturally understood the power and transformation a simple change of clothing,

or accessories would make. 

Thus, I encourage you to experiment, and have fun with your outfits, makeup, hair,

and jewelry combinations, during your photo session! 

We usually include the helpful talent of our special assistant Cinthy Cervantes, who will help you 

look and feel your best!

Having fun, and feeling good, is a huge part of getting great portrait results! 

My ultimate goal, is to capture the beauty you may normally subdue in everyday life situations.



Model collaborations "TF" are always welcomed to be discussed!*

Call for info!  Info is always free, with zero sales pressure.   808-757-2665 


  *"Trade for" collaborations are not considered "free" photoshoots.

Both parties receive benefits from each one's participation.





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