Beauty Portraiture

 Left: My beautiful Mom, "Dolores".                                                              Right: Mom, and my always cool and inspiring,

                                                                                                                                     older sister "Nan".  circa 1954

 I don't know why at an early age ( kindergarten ),  I was in tune with feminine beauty, fashion and style.

Maybe it was because I was raised around more girls than boys; my older sister and cousins, and later, three step sisters.

Not to mention my Mom, who looked between an Audrey Hepburn and a young Mary Tyler Moore.

Many young boys aren't attracted, or even interested in the female gender, until after puberty begins it's Cro-Magnon transformation.

By that time, they seem to have no choice in the matter. Even then, most males still have little sense of beauty, style and fashion!

Let's be honest. Only a few of us men enjoy going shopping with our wives, for shoes and clothing.

Well before I even approached pre-adolescence, I was aware of the power of feminine allure and charm.

Most of the boys would respond, "Eeww! Girls!" But I understood, if you're at a party, and there's no girls, it's not a party! Move on.

Even though I was a rascal in high school, I respected, and got along well with my friend's Moms, and Granma's!

Why am I telling you about this stuff?

The fact is, many successful beauty photographers today, are women. It makes sense.

You may not prefer to have a heavy breathing "caveman" oogling at you through a camera lens.

But then again, I'm not looking to do a boudoir session, or skimpy bikini shoot!


 In portrait photography, if the subject is feeling comfortable with themselves and their surroundings, it definitely shows in camera. 

It's all in the expression.

As a portrait photographer, I not only press the shutter button, but I try to drawn out what I believe is below the surface.

I strive to motivate and capture the beauty you may normally subdue in everyday life situations.

Knowing this, many of my subjects have readily surprised us by quickly getting into this comfortable "zone", or mood.

When this happens, exceptional images are sure to happen! It's always amazing to me!

And believe me, when this is happening, I will let you know.


 If you're still reading this, Let's talk about our Beauty portrait sessions.

This "Beauty Portraiture" style also includes; Senior portraits, Portrait parties,  Mothers and Daughters, 

Conceptual / Fine art, and what we call; "The Other Side of Forty".

These are small size, low key sessions, with a lighting assistant. (usually my wife)

Sometimes a small group of friends may share this type of session. thus; "Portrait party".

Note; A few friends can be nice to encourage each other, but having a "crowd" around, may also prove to be uncomfortable for you.


In conclusion...

 Do you have makeup/ hairstyle,  or costume/outfit  ideas you always wanted to try?

Or a just a simple, posed, classic portrait? 

The settings can be indoor, or outdoors.

Outdoor settings can be at the beach, hotel lanai, or any suitable spot, including your own backyard.

My Indoor Studio is portable, and can even be set up in many condo/hotel room living spaces!

This way, you have already have your bathroom for hair and makeup, with changing rooms, outfits and accessories close by!

Green screen photography is also available at no additional charge.

I have many local background photos I can put you into.

In conclusion;

Photographers sometimes use the worn out, and dubious phrase, especially to a physically stunning model;

"I want to bring out your inner beauty". Tacky as that may be, there's a bucket load of truth behind it!

Feeling good on the inside dramatically affects what you look like on the outside. 

Especially if you are a normal, regular, or irregular looking person.   LOL!                       


Model collaborations "TF" are always welcomed to be discussed!*

Call for info!  Info is free, right?    808-757-2665 



 *"Trade for" collaborations are not considered "free" photoshoots.

Both parties receive benefits from each one's participation.

On every level, mutual trust and respect need to be displayed and communicated equally on both sides.



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