Scanning Services

If you simply want some of your old family photographs, scanned into Jpeg images, so you can save them on your flash drive,

and also view them on your Smartphone, Tablet, TV, or Computer, and/ or send to friends and family, hey, we can do that! 

I also offer digital repair and restore services, as seen below.

Please note; The results are relevant to the underlying image condition of the photo.

If a photo originally is blurry, permanently smudged or out of focus, or there is actual damage that conceals an area you want repaired, such as a big rip or discolored blob over Auntie Nana's pretty face, little can be done to bring it back!

But note what can be done in the example below.

Here is an old, very precious photo, from long ago.*

It is damaged and discolored. 

There is a horizontal crack across the middle.


To be honest, I didn't even have a scanner at the time.                             I was using my old 7 mega pixel Canon point and shoot! 


The slideshow at the bottom of the page, demonstrates the steps it took.

1.) Original photograph "scan"

2.) All cracks are repaired, missing pieces cloned.

3.) Straightened

4.) Aged and yellowed image restored to original Black and White.

     also excess parts cropped for more a detailed portrait.

5.) Option: Soft pastel colorization (artist's conception)


Truthfully, this is a meticulous, time consuming process.

But, to me, it's relaxing and rewarding. Similar to how some people embroider / crochet, or enjoy engrossing puzzle games.


Whether repair is needed or not, by scanning and digitizing                    your old photos, you can store, view, or send them to friends,                   on every computer, tablet or smart-phone you have.


I can scan photograph's and 35mm color slides in super hi definition!

Contact me, and we'll come to a happy agreement, OK?





* Grateful thanks to Tom and Robin McGee


The slideshow below doesn't show up on android devices.

So I'm including these 4 static images, which shows a

similar timeline.

                                                                 ~ All images are copyrighted~ 



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