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Question: Do I fit with what you want in a photographer?


 This is where you get a first impression of who I am.                      

Basically, you can look at examples of my work. If my style fits, read on.

Price point, is the next decision factor. 

Think about this fact; Nowadays, do you buy a roll of film, pay to get it developed, only to find a few good exposures?  Of course not. It's all digital!

Well, Neither do the Pros!

Yet, many professional digital photographers are charging the same as when they were film photographers! Modern photographers don't always deal with "paper" photographs either! 


 I only deal with high quality images you can print or view on any device.

This is the superior format everyone is using today.

These are sent to you free, via Email, Dropbox, OneDrive, or USB flashdrive*

There are plenty of professional printing and custom framing services for those special situations, when and if you decide to use them.

I stay away from printing and the charges associated with it. Savvy?


     I can keep prices realistic because;

  • My Photography "Studio" is portable.
  • I maintain low overhead.
  • My lovely wife, is my bookkeeper, and occasional photo-shoot assistant.

 This web-site is my portfolio, info center, and contact point.

This is where I, "Hang out my shingle". 

I hope you enjoy some of the images and content!

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Feel free to leave a message on the Visitors Page.

         Mahalo, Coe







* for an additional charge if you can't provide your own. 

Imagine the possibilities...

 Planning a Vacation, or Honeymoon on Maui?

Or, are you already here on your Maui Vacation?

Or are you fortunate enough to call Maui your home?       

If you are browsing for an affordable photographer, take a moment and check out my pages.

   My enjoyment lies in providing relaxed portrait sessions,   in comfortable, natural settings.

Book a photo-shoot with me.

The possibilities are many;

  • Family Portraits
  • Beauty Portraits
  • Couples
  • Honeymooners
  • Seniors Portraits
  • Social Media Pics
  • Surfing / action
  • Mother and Daughter
 So check to see if my style suits you, by clicking on;
"Your Photo-shoot", or "Beauty Portraiture"
above in the web-page menu!

Surfers, check out my images, in the "Surf's Up" menu selection. I frequent Hookipa and Honolua, and points in between, when the swell is pumping. Call me for info.


 Prices range from $60.00 on up, depending on the

agreement, time, travel involved, how many images etc.

I really don't have hard-set price packages.

Feel free to negotiate.

My reputation as being affordable is very important to me.


There even can be situations with little to no cost to you!

"TF" collaborative sessions are discussed and agreed upon to your satisfaction.                

Contact me. We can come to an equitable agreement.

Clear communication, no surprises!


If interested, contact me and we'll talk about what's possible.   808-757-2665     or see: contact page

 Scanning services available;

I can scan your old photographs and 35mm color slides,

or repair the images of old, damaged, photographs!

See: "Scanning" in the top menu section above.

                                                                 ~ All images are copyrighted~ 



Coe Burnett Photography                     

North Kihei, Maui

Tel: (808) 757-2665 or (808) 250-8808