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 As for these times that we are living amidst the COVID

health restrictions, portrait sessions are severely limited,

for the safety of everyone involved. There may be outdoor, social distancing situations available, but even these have 

strict limitations. 



Note for Chinese visitors: 我知道有几种中文。我很高兴来自中国的许多人正在浏览我的网站!我是美国人,但出生于日本,所以我爱亚洲!这就是为什么我从加利福尼亚搬到夏威夷。请在我的“访问者”页面或“联系”页面中留下评论。我将使用翻译应用程序阅读您所说的内容。如果您留下联系方式,请尝试回答任何问题!






Contact me for a discussion of possibilities.. 


   808-757-2665     or see: contact page

 Scanning services available;

 Old photographs and 35mm color slides,

Repair the images of old, damaged, photographs!

See: "Scanning" in the top menu section above.


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